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Vertical Garden

Vertical Gardens

How to decorate interior walls? Paintings? Rock-star posters? Family photos?

Nooooo, too simple, too ordinary, too boring !!

There’s another original way to decorate your walls: Vertical Gardens.

The use of vegetation in Interior Design is really important. Human has always been attracted by trees, flowers and greenery; this is a primitive instinctive!

Green color inspires a sense of freedom, well-being , relax,  and pleasure.

This instinct is passed from one generation to the next and started when our forefathers identified the green areas as suitable places to live, hunt and survive.

This is the reason why, even nowadays, we feel a sense of pleasure in contact with nature or in an ambient rich of green color.

In recent years the concept of green and garden is a bit changed both outside and inside the home; I have often used vertical gardens as decoration, this type of garden always give a surprising and pleasing effect .

There are several types of vertical gardens that are installed by specialized firms and needing more or less maintenance .

Vertical garden 1

Vertical garden 3

Vertical garden 2

I have often use a particular type of musk  requires almost no maintenance  and creates modern and particular effect . Below are some photos of it.

Vertical musk (2)


Vertical musk (1)

Vertical gardens are an alternative way to decorate your home and if you love the green, or if you feel strongly this primal instinct :-), I’m sure, this type of decoration is for you!

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