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Fitness Trend

Fitness Trend

Nowadays, fitness is one of the best things that has been coming inside our culture. Eating good, running and go to the gym are frequently considered a must […]

Space Saver Furnitures

At home space is never enough .... every month we collect a lot of items and only if we are lucky we have very large homes. Sometimes I find myself […]

Black and White Floor

It’s not  simple to decide using a black and white floor in your home; black and white floors are so attractive, elegant and luxury but at the same time, they’re […]

Crystal Chandeliers Reloaded

Crystal Chandeliers Reloaded

Swarovski crystals Chandeliers are generally used in classic interior design projects and they always give a sense of luxury in every interior where they are placed. Recently, […]

Handmade beds

Handmade beds

Italy it's a very beautiful country for a lot of things and very well known for its city and its historical beauty, food, fashion and design. Behind all […]

Classic Plastic Chairs

Plastic it’s the most revolutionary material ever invented that has change the life of everybody. I have no idea what will we do without plastic! Thanks to technology, the possible […]

Urban Ispired Design

Interior Design it's an open world....furniture are ispired from everything all around human life....today I would like to take a look on urban furniture design....I mean urban ispired design furniture.


Outdoor Furniture Restyling

Today was a very hot day here in Venice! I was thinking to make an aperitiv in my garden with my friends, drinking a spritz and getting some fresh air […]

Soft Comfy Sofas

Soft comfy sofas

If you are already at work and you are dreaming to watch Tv or read a book on you sofa,  you will love this selesction of modern […]

Metal stripes furnitures

Metal stripes furnitures

Stripes of metal, forming cobwebs or grid, this is the new trend in the furniture industry. Personally I really like this game of empty and full, the […]