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Not Only Design….Rovinj Travel

Not Only Design….Rovinj Travel

I think that traveling is one of the most exciting thing in our life. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a day, a week-end or some weeks, travel let us open our mind and see the things from a different point of view.

I really love travelling and during this summer I had the chance to visit Rovinj, a very romantic city on the coast of Istria, in Croatia.


From 1283 to 1797 Rovinj was one of the most important towns in Istria governed by the Republic of Venice and then, after the First World War, belonged to Kingdom of Italy from 1918 to 1947, when it was ceded to Yugoslavia, as part of Croatia. If you walk around Rovinj, you can notice that Italian and Venetian influence is still present.

rovinj streets


It’s really a beautiful place, it looks like a small Venice and it’s very characteristic for its small steep streets, ancient buildings, romantic views and wonderful sunsets.

Rovin sunsetj

rovinj flowers

During my travels I usually spend good time visiting historical places and eating typical food but also I really love to search and find small artisans that produce beautiful design furniture or decorative objects.

In Rovinj I found a small shop/laboratory that produce handmade ceramic lamps, centerpieces, vases, and small sculpture.

This artist is original and he had given to me some inspirations for my future projects; take a look on his products.

galerija sdenac

Galerija Zdenak, 13

Zdenac lamp

Hand made ceramic lamp.

zdenac table lamp

Hand made table lamps and vase.


Ceramic fish candle holder.

suspended candle holder

Suspended candle holder.

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