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Fitness Trend

Fitness Trend

Nowadays, fitness is one of the best things that has been coming inside our culture. Eating good, running and go to the gym are frequently considered a must for our everyday life.

However, the time it’s not enough and it’s very hard to go to the gym or running after a day of work. Many people are starting making their own gym inside their home and this really influence the design and decoration of the spaces. If you are looking for make a gym in your home, please spend a bit of time thinking at what you like mostly do at the gym.

A lot of people buy this big machine called “home gym” that in my opinion is useful and let you make mostly of the exercise for your body.  If you have a big home and you can reserve a room for gym I recommend to buy Technogym machines, they are the best in the fitness industry! Recently some of their machines are designed from famous designers and can also be considered design items.

home gym

If you don’t have a lot of space, please don’t put a cyclette, tapis roulant or a home gym in your living room or bedroom! Parks are fantastic for run and your old bicycle will work if you pump the wheels!

If you don’t have a lot of space for make a gym in your home, you can buy some small elements that can be replaced in your garage or inside a closet. With two dumbbells, a bench and a swiss ball you can make your own gym.

Anyway If you are a design victim and you want to show your fitness culture there are some beautiful well designed fitness object that can be leave after their use as decorative object that reflect your fitness culture.

Take a look on some of it.


Ciclotte Designed by Luca Schieppati

kinesis technogym

Kinesis by Technogym

poaa-gold-2Dumbell Designed by Philippe Stark for Xo Design


Design Dumbell

Not Only Design….Rovinj Travel Vertical Garden
Not Only Design….Rovinj Travel
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