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Chose your Parquet

Chose your Parquet

Chose a parquet or generally the flooring of your home is always a difficult task.

Recently, I have worked with a very demanding client who, although many meetings, was still undecided on two colors of parquet, very similar to each other.

The colors of the parquet selected by the client are neutral and well suitable to the room-style and furnishing which I proposed.

Sand oak


Sand Oak


Cognac oak


Cognac Oak


Once again, the technology and my passion for 3D visualizations helped me in my work and my client in choosing the flooring for the living room.

Thanks to high-quality renders, the customer could finaly see the effect of two colors which initially, with samples in hand, could seem very similar instead virtually floor covering in the room gave two very different effects.

Client, seeing the renders, eliminate all his initials doubts and, finally was able to choose the parquet color.



Sand Oak Parquet Render


Cognac Oak Parquet Render


Vertical Garden Maison et Objet 2014
Vertical Garden
Maison et Objet 2014