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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Metal stripes furnitures

Metal stripes furnitures

Stripes of metal, forming cobwebs or grid, this is the new trend in the furniture industry. Personally I really like this game of empty and full, the […]

Cuckoo Clock Trend

Cuckoo clocks remember old memories of my uncle that living in a small mountain town.
I can bet that anyone reminds a cuckoo clock smiling.
Recently Cuckoo clocks came back […]

Knitted Pouf

Knitted pouf are soo used and soo nice to see.
It give wharm to the living room and are suitable as additional seating, comfy footrest or creative sculpture.
Knitted pouf […]

Baroque Mirrors in Modern Interiors

Baroque Mirrors in Modern Interiors

I think that mirrors are one of the elements that can really change the style of a room. I love to use classic and baroque […]

Hello world!This is post nr.01 of my Blog!

Hi! this is blog post nr.01!I'm Riccardo Coletto and I work as Interior Designer. I love interior design and computer graphic. I will post something about design, rendering, art, travels […]